21 things the Bible says God knows about us

21 things the Bible tells us that God knows about us.

Ps 139:16 God’s eyes saw my unformed substance

Ps 139:13 God formed our inward parts

Ps 139:13 God knit us together in the womb

1Sam 3:10 God knows the name our Mother gave us

1Sam 2:21 We grow and the lord blesses us

Acts 9:11 God knows the name of the town where we were born

Acts 9:11 God knows the name of the street we live on

Acts 9:11 God knows the name of the owner of our house

Acts 10:6 God knows my occupation

Luke 12:8-9 God knows how many hairs we have on our head

Ps 139:2 God knows when we sit down and when we stand up

Acts 1:24 God knows our hearts

Ps 139:2 Before a thought is in my mind, God knows it

Ps 139:4 Before a word is on my tongue, God knows it

Ps 142:3 God knows the path that I take

Job 31:4 God counts all of our steps

Ps 56:8 God puts all our tears in His bottle

Acts 10:4 God hears our prayers

Ps 69:5 God knows every one of our sins

2Tim 2:19 God knows those who have trusted in Him

Job 14:5 God knows the day we will die

Many years ago, in 1910, a man drove along the road in his Model T Ford Runabout (although I don’t know how much ‘runningabout’ they could do). As he travelled he saw another Ford pulled off by the side of the road. The driver had the engine compartment open (as was done on these old jalopy’s), and was vainly trying to figure out what was wrong with his dead engine. The traveller stopped and walked over to the car. Together they examined the situation. The man who had stopped adjusted a couple things, turned something here and changed something else.
“Now try it,” he said.
The owner grabbed the crank and spun the engine. Immediately the Model T sprang into life and the engine purred as smoothly as those old motors could.
“Sir, thank you very much. But, how is it that you could figure out what was wrong so quickly and get it going?”
“Well, Sir, you see, my name is Henry Ford, and I made this car”.
God made us. And we need to look to Him in prayer and read His Word, and things would run a whole lot smoother.