Antidote for Sadness

Antidote for Sadness…Luke 24:13-35
I was at a coffee shop today. As the young lady poured the coffee, I asked, “How ya doing?” She paused. Her eyes looked sad. “Oh. OK, I guess”. She was busy and only had a moment, but I tried to tell her about a God who cares. She said her Mom tells her to pray to her guardian angel. I asked her if she would accept a DVD and she happily took the ‘God of Wonders’ and the ‘Good Test’.
Sadness. Discouragement. Depression.
Is there any relief?
In the painting, ‘Road to Emmaus’, two individuals walk along a dusty road. The painting shows an empty road. But the road wasn’t empty. After all, the Passover had just ended. People were leaving Jerusalem. Going home. In fact, the road would have been crowded. Horses, wagons, carts, donkeys and lots of people.
But two stand out. Cleopas is the name of one. The other is likely his wife, although the Bible doesn’t say. They’re sad. They talk about the past days and especially the events of that very morning. Some of their women had gone early to the tomb and come back with a most preposterous story! They claimed the stone was rolled away! They said the tomb was empty! They also said two angels in shining garments had appeared and asked, “Why are you looking for the living among the dead? He is not here! Don’t you remember what He said while He was with you; ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and rise again the third day?’”
The couple have serious doubts about what the women have said. Just hear Cleopas as he talks. “It could not have been real angels. At the very most it had to be a vision. Mind you, whoever these beings were, they did remind them of what Jesus said one time: how He must be crucified and buried and that He would rise the third day. We had forgotten, but do now remember He said that. But it can`t be. Women are so emotional”
They didn’t notice a Stranger walking beside them. After a bit He asked, “What are you talking about? And why do you look so sad?”
They stop, just astounded that anyone around there did not know what had happened! “Are you a stranger in these parts and don’t know what has taken place,” they ask?
“What things,” He questioned.
“About Jesus of Nazareth! He was a Prophet who did wonderful miracles. He was a mighty teacher before God and all the people. But the chief priests and other religious leaders condemned Him to death and they crucified Him. We had great hopes that He would redeem Israel. But beside all this, today is the third day since this all happened. And early this morning some women of our group, who followed Jesus, astonished us. They went to His tomb and came back with an amazing report! They said His body was missing and that they had seen a vision of angels who said He was alive. Some men from our group also ran out to see and found it just as the women said! But Him they did not see.”
“O foolish ones and slow of hearts to believe all that the Prophets wrote in the Scriptures,” the Stranger said. “Isn’t it clearly spoken by the Prophets that Christ must suffer all these things before entering His time of glory?” Then Jesus spoke of many things from the Prophets concerning Himself.
If you look up that word ‘concerning’ under ‘origin of words’, you will find it fascinating. The letters ‘con’ mean with. The last part, ‘cerning’, means sifting. So that day on the Emmaus road, Jesus went through the Old Testament writings of Moses and the Prophets and sifted out truth about Himself. It was these thoughts and word pictures that brought such joy to these two weary souls and melted away their sadness.
Have you ever been with someone who talks only about themselves for an hour? It’s painful. You get so sick of them. But this Man talked about Himself for an hour and a half, and later they said, “Remember how our hearts burned within us as He talked with us along the way.”
When you are sad and talk you walk slow. Emmaus is 7 miles from Jerusalem, so it had to be at least a 2 hour walk. They had already journeyed some distance when the Stranger joined them, so it was likely an hour and a half or so that they walked together with the Stranger. And they were overjoyed learning about Jesus, even though they did not know who it was that was talking with them.
So, are you sad? Cast down? Do you and I want to be happy? We will find it in the Bible, learning about our Lord Jesus Christ.
He is the antidote for sadness.
If we read the rest of the story, we find they are so overjoyed, they hurried all the way back to Jerusalem to let the others know that the risen Christ had appeared to them, and tell some of the things that Jesus had sifted out of the Old Testament about Himself.