Don’t Be Like A Dog…

Don’t Be Like A Dog…
In our house everything we have belongs to my wife and me…like a bit of furniture, beds, dishes and whatever. I say ‘everything’, except for one thing. I always say the dog that lives here belongs to my wife.
My wife’s name is Merle.
I sure don’t know why anybody would have a dog – especially in the house.
Like, really, dogs are filthy. We take Mitz out for a walk almost every day and it is truly downright disgusting. She wants to stop at every post and hydrant and stick her nose in and smell. And it seems the more vile it is, the better she likes it!
I do wonder about Queen Elizabeth – you know who I mean…the Queen of England. I have seen pictures of her dogs. I think they’re called corgis. I wonder if corgis are different and more refined. Maybe they walk along with their snouts high in the air, as English snobbery is prone to doing. Maybe a corgi would never condescend to smelling evil filth around a fire hydrant. One thing is sure, if they do, I can’t imagine our gracious Queen sitting with a stinking corgi in her lap! That would be just too much.
But the Bible is so down to earth and up to date. Obviously, evolutionists can’t claim that dogs have evolved much over past centuries. Peter, the apostle, writes about what he saw dogs doing some 2000 years ago. You can read what he said about them in the Bible in 2Peter chapter 2 and verse 22.
It’s even a bit gross! He said, “The dog returns to its own vomit…”
It might be gross, but nothing has changed!
Our dog does the same.
She sniffs around some foul obscenity, licks it and then if we don’t yank her away, she eats the stinking stuff. All seems well for a while, then we see her heaving and retching and first thing you know, she pukes up some horrid corruption and slowly walks away and lays down to calm her churning belly.
But, as the Bible says, “The dog returns to its own vomit”.
She ‘forgets what she should remember and remembers what she should forget’.
After she feels a bit better, she remembers where she left the festering heap, and forgets it was the stuff that made her sick. She takes a fresh whiff of the putrid barf and slowly licks it all up again. Then she gets sick all over again.
Is it possible we are a bit like dogs?
We do seem to have quite a bad habit of ‘Forgetting the things we should remember and remembering the things we should forget’.
Is that why we had Remembrance Day? Or Veterans Day as it is called in United States?
Movies have a way of deceiving us and making us think war is glamorous.
War is not glamorous! War is horror. Terror. The Second World War left 60 million people dead in its wake.
If we forget the past we will repeat it in the future.
Wisdom for today comes from what we learned in the past.
And we are very good at forgetting the things we should remember.
And remembering the things we should forget.
It is true in our daily lives as well.
May God help us not to be like a dog that returns to its own vomit.